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Meet DJ Mikee G

My DJ career began in Westchester County in New York early 1980 as  I kicked off my DJ skills working the wedding scene and eventually diving into the NYC club scene.  My club DJ experience includes the once major landmark disco on 54th street in Manhattan, "Studio 54", and many  well known local clubs throughout the tri-state area.
Over the years I earned the reputation of being "a DJ for the people".  I earned this reputation because when performing I  always make the client and their guests the star of the celebration, it becomes all about  the client, not about me. I create a vibe by letting the music do the talking.  I have the ability to “read” the crowd and get a feel for what they need to hear.  I constantly observe the crowded dance floor, whether they are bouncing or swaying, I keep it going by changing the tempo and mixing up the genre, playing whatever it takes to keep you dancing.  
I spin an extremely versatile mix of tunes from 40s Big Band to Rock and Roll, 50s, 60s, 70s through the latest music of today. My repertoire  includes Dance, Disco, Freestyle, Swing, Country and everything in between. Whatever your request is, DJ Mikie G will bring it! Making the client number one is my objective, and as a personal touch I  meet with my clients, not once, but as many times as necessary to  ensure that their special day is custom made for them making it an everlasting memory!  C'mon, Let me take you dancing... 

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